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                             "MANDIAMO" : "We Send2!"

                               SELL DIRECT TO JAPAN

MANDIAMO's mission is to develop both software and services which enable small/medium sized businesses to sell directly to the Japanese consumer market.  Japan represents the world's second largest economy, highest per-capita income and biggest importer of US goods.

However, Japanese consumers are extremely hesitant to purchase directly from overseas for several reasons:


How to pay? 

Japan is still largely a cash based society and the vast majority of consumers do not have credit cards.  The most common payment methods are "Furikomi" (Japanese bank to bank transfer) and "Palulu" (banking division of the Japanese Post Office).


How to Communicate? 

Although the average Japanese has been taught six years of basic English in secondary school, the vast majority find it daunting to communicate in English outside of saying, "Hello".



Japanese consumers fear that if they have any issues, or the product does not arrive, that they ultimately will have no method of recourse.    


MANDIAMO is headquartered in Seattle, WA with a staffed office in Tokyo, Japan.  This corporate structure enables our team to be close to customers on both sides of the Pacific to ensure an exceptional customer experience.  To see how MANDIAMO's software and services can help you address all of these concerns see our Services page.